How to Draw Star Wars Rogue One

Today we will draw a scene from Rogue One. We begin by sketching an horizontal line and then a little vertical one. From there we can sketch the cockpit and the body of this X-Wing spaceship of the rebellion. We can see it a little bit better in this close-up. Right behind it, we have the powerful engine. We almost not see the wings because of the perspective. We just see like a small triangle. One going up, and one coming down. The pilot and some more details. And the guns going forward. I´ll do slightly thinner and slightly lower, this umm… front part. Like so. That´s better! Good! Here we will sketch another one, at a distance. This will be very simplified with not much detail, just the general shape, the general outline. WIth the kneaded eraser I lighten up the lines, so as to refine them, to draw them better now, and more in detail.