How to Draw Star Wars Rogue One

Today we will draw a scene from Rogue One. We begin by sketching an horizontal line and then a little vertical one. From there we can sketch the cockpit and the body of this X-Wing spaceship of the rebellion. We can see it a little bit better in this close-up. Right behind it, we have the powerful engine. We almost not see the wings because of the perspective. We just see like a small triangle. One going up, and one coming down. The pilot and some more details. And the guns going forward. I´ll do slightly thinner and slightly lower, this umm… front part. Like so. That´s better! Good! Here we will sketch another one, at a distance. This will be very simplified with not much detail, just the general shape, the general outline. WIth the kneaded eraser I lighten up the lines, so as to refine them, to draw them better now, and more in detail.

We basically use the sketch that we have done, and outline it better and more clearly. We will be looking at this scene with a backlight so the ship, will be pretty dark and with no much detail inside. We draw a horizon line and then with dry soft pastels, we will paint the background. Let´s add different tones of blue and some green and yellow on this side and on this one; violet, brownish, orange and ocre. I blend them together with the fingers of my hand. It feels nice . We can reinforce any color we want. I use a brush to take the excess powder off, so as to not create a further mess than what I am already doing! And as I said we reestablish any colors as need it. This is not the kind of drawing I usually make but I have to say, I am a fan of Star Wars! I draw a third ship at the distance and some hills. A dark blue stripe over here. The hills are dark and the ships are dark, so if we placed one on top of the other one, they could be lost.